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Sudek and Sherry families are helping to raise money

Sudek and Sherry families are helping to raise money for Petko Kandrik a young boy in Slovakia with Cerebral Palsy whose parents cannot afford his treatment.  I met Petko and his family and it was very sad, but I know it will have a happy ending.  In the past 3 weeks we collected over $4,000.00, but we still need more funds.  Through voluntary contributions he could be able to stand, walk and speak one day and have his prayers, to be able to play with other children, answered.

Please join me in providing Petko with the chance of getting the treatment he needs for a better quality of life. 

See the following link to learn more about Peter (Petko) and learn how you can contribute.  No amount is too small and I would appreciate if you can forward this email to your friends and family to help this boy with his unfortunate circumstances.   His doctors recommend that he seek medical treatment at the Adeli Medical Center, you can donate money directly to Adeli Center bank account or through the following link.

Adeli Center direct payment information:  

Account number: 2621734807/1100    

IBAN:  SK 34 1100 0000 0026 2173 4807  


Thank you for your help,

Sudek family