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Hello Audrey,

Our napkins arrived today and we are thrilled!
You made everything so easy; really thanks again for taking such good care of us.

You are awesome! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!
Look forward to working with you again.


Thank you James!

I received the matches yesterday and they look awesome!

Thanks again for your terrific service!


Hi Audrey,

Finally! :)

I can't thank you enough for your kind and patient service throughout this whole process. I am excited to see our printed cocktail napkins, pens and USB’s.

Have a great week!


Hi Audrey,

We received the matchboxes and they look fantastic. I am really happy with them.

Thank you and your team for all your help getting this project done.


Hi Peter,

My name is Jennifer and I wanted to let you know about your amazing customer service representative, James Fogler.

I work for an event planning firm in Chicago and we were on a tight time line to get matches ordered for a client event on 5/4.

I researched your company online and decided to call to look into placing an order.  James answered the call and I was so impressed with him.  He researched turn around time, provided pricing etc. and my confidence in him allowed me to go to my boss and tell him that I had complete confidence in my source.  As a result, we did not use another company that he was working with to fulfill the match order.

James is professional, responds quickly to questions and followed up with me on the order status without me asking. 

The matches arrived yesterday and they are BEAUTIFUL and my boss is thrilled.  

James is the reason that I will use Sudek in the future of our printing needs.

Please know that having an employee like James as my first and primary point of contact makes all of the difference!

Looking forward to working with James and Sudek USA again!


Hi Lauren,

I wanted to let you know that the napkins and hand towels turned out perfectly. Thank you for all of your help getting that coordinated and shipped to me on time. The party was fabulous and your product made for the perfect addition. We will definitely be using your services again in the future.

Thanks again!

Kind Regards,

Carley Mader

Marketing Coordinator

Good morning Audrey

Everything was perfect!  I am very happy with the way everything turned out and it all showed up on time. Thank you very much for making this all happen and turning it around so quickly.  I will definitely reach out to you for the next set of custom printing that we will be doing which may be in the next 2-3 weeks. 

Best Regards


Hi James!

Thank you! I think this was a great first experience with Sudek USA and I I will most definitely be a returning customer. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Thanks again,


Dear Peter,

I initially contacted your company for a couple orders of matchbooks and was immediately impressed by James’ responsiveness and professionalism. His diligence in following up as well as offering quotes on items I'd not even requested was excellent. In fact, it was his keen eye on an image I sent him in which he subsequently offered a quote on something that I'd not requested that most impressed me. I hadn't realized that your company offered that item and it was because of his James' initiative allied to his courtesy, professionalism, and continued follow up that I ended up ordering the items through your company as opposed to a competitor’s. 

I hope to be able to purchase additional items through James and Sudek in the future.

Very best regards,


Hello Peter,

I am writing you today to give props where its due.  I was ordering and designing matches for a bar I mange in Portland Oregon. Not only are the matches badass but your team over at SudekUSA is phenomenal!  I had the pleasure of being helped out by James Fogler. This man rocks! I going back and forth on what I wanted printed and he was patient suggested idea and even then I kept changing things. text wording, you name it.  I never got a sense of being rushed or that i was being too picky.  His patience and customer service skills came to play and he's not messing around.  A real team player who is passionate about what he does and helping people.  Seems like a pretty solid guy all around and I wanted to shine some light on my boy James today.  I got a cocktail with his name on it if he ever finds himself in Portland.


Lauren Dobis did an awesome job as well filling in for James.

Thank you all,


Hi Peter,

I’m not sure who you are in the company, as it doesn’t say underneath your name, but I want to say, Don has gone above and beyond to help me with my small order. I cannot thank your company enough for being able to ship me a quality product. I am hoping you can pass along my appreciation that Don is a great salesman and that I will be ordering more from your company in the future. Don has been absolutely professional and creative.

Thank you again,


Audrey, thanks for checking in. 

The boys at Jackson are still OK with their supply of your grand cocktail napkins. They use them at every event, as well as taking them on road trips for tastings. Your napkins have traveled the entire State of Wyoming and parts of Idaho, and will hopefully be in Colorado soon. 

Thank you for contacting me. As soon as the boys need the next run of cocktail napkins, I will be delighted to contact you. 

Best regards, and Happy Thanksgiving. 


Good Afternoon James, 

My client was so pleased with their matches that they want to print 4 more boxes printed. Art is attached. We’d like to print 5000 of each of these. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 



Hi Audrey, 

I just wanted to share with you that our Survival Kit was a huge success and we sold all 1200 units within in hours. I wanted to say thank you for your help with this project. Your help contributed to the success of this project. We are possibly looking to do another run of these in the upcoming months. 

Could you give me a price on 5000 of the same matches and the production time for those? 



Hey Lauren,

I've been meaning to email you a huge THANK YOU! You delivered our matches well before the 6/5 show and they are a hit! Thank you for exceeding my expectations :) 

We will be ordering some new matches in the next few weeks. Have a good day! We'll Talk soon. 


Hello Peter, 

I'd like to thank you and your team for having these great Matchboxes made for us! We received them yesterday and everyone is very content with the outcome! 

You guys went above and beyond throughout the entire process and we truly appreciate it! We will definitely keep you guys in mind for our future orders of all our printed products. 



Good afternoon, hope you had a nice Easter.  The napkins arrived and they are great, I have a attached a photo for you.   Thank you of all of your assistance, it has been greatly appreciated.  Please pass a huge thank you along to the design team as well.  Hope you have a great day!


Hi Audrey!

Y'all printed coasters in December for our restaurant and we love them so much (everybody does actually) that our owner wants to have coasters printed for all of our sister restaurants.

We basically want the same size and style, but with 3 new designs.  I will look at your web site over the weekend and order more  products from you next week.

Thanks for your help!

Best, Erin

Hi Tracy,

I got the matches yesterday, they look AWESOME! Thanks so much!


Hello Peter,

As a matter of fact I just placed a re-order with Cindy last week. I hope you are aware that she does a GREAT job in handling my ordering needs. I also believe it is very important to pass this kind of input with your employees!

Thanks again for reaching out to your customer base.


Wow Audrey Thanks!!!!  

That was speedy!  We got them yesterday and they look good!

thanks so much,


Hi Dylan,

We would like to just have the sunburst on the napkin ring. I did try one of the samples and the size I indicated seemed to fit just fine but if there is one that is a little longer, sure.

We are only looking for coasters, no napkins so can I have the price difference between the pulpboard and tissue please, as well as prices for napkin rings and matchbooks.

Thank you so much. You are always so helpful and respond so quickly. I wish working with everyone was so easy!


Hi Peter,

Thanks so much for the late night email response.  I truthfully wasn’t expecting to hear back until tomorrow and really appreciate the quick response.  That is great to hear that you are so accommodating and Audrey has been wonderful to work with.


Trevor Stephens

Hi Alexandra,

Thank you so much for the follow-up.  I really appreciate the email. And thank you for the business cards.  That’s very generous, and a sweet surprise.

This will certainly be a long-term relationship.  I look forward to supporting your company, and referring other businesses to your site.

Thank you for making a difference.


Hi Cindy,

Thanks so much for everything! You are simply THE BEST!!!!!

Shaindy Simmons

Hi Audrey,

I am incredibly impressed with you and Peter and all our interactions with Sudek.

Thanks for following up.


Thanks Lauren!

The tissue towels should get here just in time! Whew! I'll get back to you on the postcard art. I sure appreciate your customer service. It is the best I have had from anyone I have worked with getting this stuff ready for my winery. THANK YOU!



We got the pens, they look great, thanks! Thank you for the great design and speedy delivery.


Hi Monika,

I LOVE the matchbooks! They are just simply perfect! Thank you so much for fast delivery, great design and job well done!

Hollie Linn | Art 4 Life Tattoo Gallery


I wanted to let you know that we received the coffee sleeves and the business cards. We are very happy with the way they both look, as well as the speedy service. I imagine the sugars take a bit longer since they involve filling the sticks. I appreciate your patience in dealing with us as a new client.

Thank you again,

Denis Keast

Hi Peter!

Just wanted to let you know that the matchboxes were a big hit at the restaurant and it was great.   Thanks again for getting it so fast.

Matt Del Biondi

Peter - sorry to get back to you sooooo late....

the wedding was WONDERFUL! and the COASTERS! were HUGE! Everyone was SOOOO happy... thank you... for making it possible!


After years of working with various companies, Peter Sudek and Sudek USA have proven to be the most reliable, best priced and easiest to work with. The personal interaction with Peter himself is a true testament that he cares about his accounts and their success.

Cary Michael

Hi Don,

Thank you for the promptness in sending us the per se coasters and for the samples I received through the mail that I will pass on to the relevant people.



"I have been doing business with Peter Sudek and his company since 1998, and have only had the most satisfying experience with, service, responsiveness, quality of product, and dependability. On top of that, you will occasionally get the funniest jokes through email, which will brighten your day!"

Thank you.

Christophe Chatron-Michaud

Sudek USA has provided Cite Restaurant Quality products and affordable price for 20 years now. We look forward to working with Sudek USA in the coming years. Thank you for your continued excellence.