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Euro Matchbox Import (2-inch)


Color 2500 pcs 5000 pcs 10000 pcs 25000 pcs 50000 pcs 100000 pcs 250000 pcs
Color 1 $0.205 $0.154 $0.118 $0.098 $0.087 $0.070 $0.067
Color 2 $0.205 $0.166 $0.128 $0.104 $0.092 $0.073 $0.070
Color 3 $0.223 $0.180 $0.137 $0.110 $0.097 $0.076 $0.072
Color 4 $0.240 $0.193 $0.146 $0.115 $0.100 $0.079 $0.075
per extra color $0.019 $0.014 $0.011 $0.007 $0.005 $0.004 $0.004

* Minimum quantity to order is 2,500 pieces. Price is per unit.


Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, ai, eps.

Total price:


Matchboxes with 2-inch sticks show off your logo, message, and contact information. Kept handy on a fireplace mantle or kitchen shelf, these matches are your company's functional business cards and useful reminders for your customers to return. It's low-cost advertising with no expiration date! Wood matches are ideal for candles, barbecues, campfires, pipes & cigars, fireplaces, gas grills and stoves, and for other household necessities. With each customer's use your logo matchboxes promote repeat business.

Match Tip/Stick Color Options
Stock Matchtip Color: Choose from 1 of our 16 stock color matchtip options. *
*Choose an assortment of 2-3 matchtip colors at an additional charge.
Custom Matchtip Color: We can approximately match PMS colors on matchtips for a $155.00 up-charge. Color matches are NOT 100% accurate, due to the chemical composition of the matchtips. Minimum Order PMS Match Matchtips: 25,000 pcs.
Include printing each ink color on 4 sides of box with striker friction in the middle of the 4th side. Extra charge - matte varnish, PMS-2X inks, fluorescent inks, and metallic inks (gold, silver, copper, or bronze), spot shiny varnish.
**limited options on 2,500 quantity, only red or white matchtips available**

Note: Printing available on inner tray (drawer).

Minimum Order 
2,500 pcs.


Top/Bottom: 2¼” x 1-3/8”; Two Sides: 2¼” x 3/8” (23-24 Matches / 2-Inch)

$25.00 (Exact Repeat No Charge)

Printing Plates
$75.00 (Exact Repeat No Charge)

Factory Press Proofs
Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for press proofs

Normal Production Time
Approximately 12-14 weeks

Shipping Case:50 match boxes per inner caddy x 50 caddies = 2,500 match boxes per carton. Dimensions: 24.2" x 15.2" x 11" = 2.3cft. Weight: 34 lbs. Packing on a particular order could be changed from these standard specifications without notification.
Packaging: We use only heavy-duty 5-wall corrugated shipping cartons. Every effort is made to protect the gloss or matte finish on these matchboxes. Hard impacts in shipping may cause smudging and scratching of the finish. This is not a defect in the quality of the product and the factory cannot be held responsible for credits and re-makes due to rough handling in transit.
Multiple shipments/split billings within one year: On total quantity order of 20,000 or more, minimum shipments of 10,000 boxes are acceptable at no extra charge, not to exceed 4 shipments per order.


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