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Butter Covers  with Tab Sizes 2, 2.5 & 3 Inch


Color 10000 pcs 20000 pcs 30000 pcs 50000 pcs 80000 pcs 100000 pcs
Color 1 $0.035 $0.029 $0.026 $0.024 $0.023 $0.021
Color 2 $0.046 $0.040 $0.037 $0.035 $0.034 $0.032
Color 3 $0.065 $0.059 $0.056 $0.054 $0.052 $0.051

* Minimum quantity to order is 10,000 pieces. Price is per unit.


Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, ai, eps.

Total price:


BUTTER COVERS known as WAX PAPER or RAMEKIN COVERS are made out of wax paper that will insure the butter, ketchup, mustard, jam and other preservatives to stay fresh and not absorbing any vapors from other foods store in your refrigerator. Custom printed butter covers – ramekin covers will make an upscale presentation and set your establishment from the rest. Our butter covers can be used in all food facilities. Purchase your butter covers from our company and we will provide your establishment with outstanding service and save you money.

  • Plate $95.00 per color
  • Production time 12 weeks + transit
  • Plus Freight


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