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FULL COLOR Cocktail Napkins


Color 9000 pcs 12000 pcs 15000 pcs 18000 pcs 36000 pcs 50000 pcs 100000 pcs
Virgin White- SINGLE DESIGN $0.046 $0.045 $0.042 $0.040 $0.033 $0.030 $0.029
Virgin White- UP TO 15 DESIGNS $0.048 $0.046 $0.044 $0.042 $0.035 $0.031 $0.031
Recycled White- SINGLE DESIGN $0.044 $0.042 $0.040 $0.038 $0.032 $0.028 $0.028
Recycled White- UP TO 15 DESIGNS $0.046 $0.044 $0.042 $0.040 $0.033 $0.030 $0.029

* Minimum quantity to order is 9,000 pieces. Price is per unit.


Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, ai, eps.

Total price:


Realize your full branding potential with our new Digitally Printed Beverage Napkins. These napkins are made of 2-ply, bright white facial grade tissue paper featuring a coin-embossed edge. You can print up-to 15 different designs in full color - plus designs can be printed on the front panel and back panel at no additional cost.

Additional Charges may apply for designs determined to have heavy ink coverage.

Minimum Order 
9,000 napkins (can be split between up to 15 designs, packing options below*)

2-ply Tissue

Approximately 5” x 5” folded (10” x 10” open, ¼ fold)

$25.00 Per Order (Exact Repeat No Charge)

Printing Plates
$35.00 Per Color (Exact Repeat No Charge)

Normal Production Time
Approximately 10 weeks

*OPTION A) Inner "pillow packs" of 250- all designs collated sequentially|
  OPTION B) Inner "pillow packs" of 250- 125 of 1 design, 125 of another design stacked separately
                       - Pillow packs with option B will print designs sequentially in runs of 125



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